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  • The different types of queries
  • Browsing the data file
  • FileToMemoryTable function and ..New property
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Stored procedures
Fills a "Memory table" control with all records found in a data file, a HFSQL view or a query (query created in the query editor or by HExecuteSQLQuery).
The memory Table control must contain the columns to associate with the items. FileToMemoryTable will:
  • clear the Table control.
  • associate the columns of the Table control with the items found in a data file, a HFSQL view or a query. The items will be associated according to their logical order defined in the file.
  • fill the Table control with the content of data file or query.
CAUTION: This operation may take quite a long time and it may overflow the memory if the data file is very large.
Remark: From version 19, HFSQL is the new name of HyperFileSQL.
// Fill the TABLE_MyTable control with the content of QRY_Query1
FileToMemoryTable(TABLE_MyTable, QRY_Query1)
FileToMemoryTable(<Table control> , <Data file>)
<Table control>: Control name
Name of memory Table control to fill.
<Data file>: Character string (with or without quotes)
Name of data file, HFSQL view or query used.

The different types of queries

FileToMemoryTable can be used with the queries created in the query editor or by HExecuteSQLQuery.
To associate a query created by SQLExec with a memory Table control, use SQLTable.

Browsing the data file

The data file is browsed according to the content of ..BrowsedItem.
In order for FileToMemoryTable to take into account the filter applied to the data file, you must:
  1. Modify ..BrowsedItem by assigning it with the item returned by HFilter.
  2. Use FileToMemoryTable.

FileToMemoryTable function and ..New property

FileToMemoryTable assigns ..NewLine to True.
Component : wd250obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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