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  • Reading the port number
  • Required permissions
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Stored procedures
Allows the server to get information about the current client socket. The current client socket corresponds to the last socket whose message was read by SocketRead.
This function can be used on a server of sockets. This allows you to find out whether a user connected via the socket and to check the validity of connection.
  • UDP sockets: Allows the server to get information about the socket whose last message was read by SocketRead.
  • WEBDEV - Server code To use the sockets on the server, check "Allow the server sockets" in the "Advanced" tab of the WEBDEV administrator.
Reminder: A socket is a communication resource used by applications to communicate from one computer to another regardless of the type of network.
New in version 2024
IOS Widget This function is now available in iOS widget mode.
iPhone/iPad This function is now available for iPhone/iPad applications.
// Add the incoming messages into a table
TableAdd(TABLE_IncomingMsg, "1" + TAB + SocketRead("Server", False) + ...
TAB + SocketClientInfo("server", SocketAddress) + ...
TAB + SocketClientInfo("server", SocketPort))
EDT_SentenceReceivedFromComputerB = SocketRead("ComputerA", False, 2000)
IF EDT_SentenceReceivedFromComputerB <> "" THEN
Info("Message received from the IP address # " + SocketClientInfo("ComputerA", SocketAddress))
<Result> = SocketClientInfo(<Socket name> , <Type of Information>)
<Result>: Character string
  • Requested information.
  • Empty string in case of problem.
<Socket name>: Character string
Name of socket defined on the server. This name was defined by SocketCreate (for a simplified server) or by SocketAccept (for a standard server).
WINDEV Caution: The socket name is case sensitive.
<Type of Information>: Integer constant
Information to retrieve:
SocketAddressIP address of client socket.
SocketPortPort number to which the socket is connected.

Reading the port number

When a server is created on a port, a communication channel is created for each new connected client. This communication channel uses a port, chosen by the system among the available ports. SocketClientInfo returns the port number used by the communication channel.
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Required permissions

The call to this function modifies the permissions required by the application.
Required permission : INTERNET
This permission allows the applications to open the network sockets.
Business / UI classification: Business Logic
Component: wd290com.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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