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  • Differences between GO mode and runtime
  • Required permissions
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Stored procedures
Reads the first SMS message stored on the Android phone. The characteristics of this SMS are contained in the SMS structure.
Remark: Only SMS messages found in the phone memory can be handled by the SMS functions.
// Number of SMS messages stored on the phone's memory
STC_NbSMS = "You have " + SMSNbMessage(smsMemory) + " messages."
// Read the 1st SMS message stored on the phone's memory
ResRead is boolean = SMSFirst(smsMemory)
WHILE ResRead = True
// Display the characteristics of this SMS in a Table control:
// the SMS variable is automatically updated
TableAddLine(TABLE_SMSTable, SMS.Index, SMS.Message, SMS.Number, SMS.ReceiveDate)
// Read the other SMSs
ResRead = SMSNext(smsMemory)
<Result> = SMSFirst(<Location>)
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the SMS was read. SMS.ReceiveDate, SMS.Index, SMS.Message, SMS.Number and SMS.NumberType are automatically filled. For more details, see SMS structure.
  • False otherwise. To get more details on the error, use ErrorInfo with the errMessage constant.
<Location>: Integer constant
Location of SMS to read:
smsMemorySMS stored in the device memory.

Differences between GO mode and runtime

A WLanguage error is raised when SMSFirst is called in test mode (GO) (simulation on the development computer).
The SMS functions can be used during a GO on the Android emulator. To simulate the sending of SMS messages to the emulator, see the documentation of the Android SDK:

Required permissions

The call to this function modifies the permissions required by the application.
Required permission: READ_SMS
Component: wd300android.aar
Minimum version required
  • Version 10
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Last update: 03/21/2023

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