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Stored procedures
WINDEV Mobile allows you to easily send and read SMS messages with the SMS functions of WLanguage.
SMS (Short Message Service) commonly refers to text messages (up to 160 characters) sent to a cell phone.
Sending an SMS
Remark: The characteristics of SMS messages are contained in the SMS structure.
Required configuration
To be able to use the SMS functions, the application must be installed:
  • on an Android phone.
  • on an iOS phone.
Universal Windows 10 AppiPhone/iPadIOS WidgetApple Watch The SMS message will be prepared by the WINDEV Mobile application, but it will be sent by the phone's native application.

Managing the different types of numbers

Two types of numbers can be used to send SMS messages:
  • Short numbers (also called "National" numbers). These numbers can be accessed from the country only.
  • Standard numbers (also called "International" numbers). These numbers can be accessed from anywhere.

Differences between GO mode and runtime

In GO mode (simulation on the development computer), a WLanguage error occurs during the call to an SMS function or when using a variable of the SMS structure.

Android specific features

  • Only SMS messages found in the phone memory can be handled by the SMS functions.
  • The SMS.Retry variable is ignored in Android.
  • The use of some SMS functions will modify the permissions required by the application (these permissions will be automatically added to the application). For more details, see the documentation about the SMS functions.
  • The SMS functions can be used during a GO on the Android emulator. To simulate the sending of SMS messages to the emulator, see the documentation of the Android SDK:
  • It is possible to send SMS messages with an attachment using SMSRunApp.

Specific features for iOS

SMS messages can only be sent using SMSRunApp.

Phone calls

WINDEV Mobile also allows you to easily manage phone calls using the following functions:
tapiDialerCallOpens the default telephony application (dialer) found on the phone and dials the specified number.
tapiDialerDisplayOpens the default telephony application (dialer) and displays the specified number. No call is made.
Related Examples:
WM Managing Contacts Cross-platform examples (WINDEV Mobile): WM Managing Contacts
[ + ] This example presents the management of contacts for Android et iOS.
It is used o:
- list the contacts found on the phone
- call the contacts
- send SMSs to the contacts
- ...
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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