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Stored procedures
Establishes a remote connection. This function can be used to handle the emails via the POP3 protocol on the remote server.
Remark: Then, the remote connection can be closed by NetCloseRemoteAccess.
// Starts the Internet connection on a PC
// The name of the connection to use is the one defined in the list of
// connections of the PC (control panel).
Report is int = NetOpenRemoteAccess("Connection_LiveBox")
IF Report = 0 THEN
Error("Error during the connection", NetMsgError(Report))
// Open the connection on a Smartphone
sConnectionName is string
nCntReturn is int
// The name of the connection is given by the provider
sConnectionName = "Bouygues Internet"
// Open the connection
nCntReturn = NetOpenRemoteAccess(sConnectionName)
IF nCntReturn = 0 THEN
// Requested process
// ...
Error("Error during the connection:", NetMsgError(nCntReturn))
<Result> = NetOpenRemoteAccess(<Access name> [, <Password>] [, <Automatic closing>])
<Result>: Integer
  • 0 if the connection was established,
  • an error code otherwise. This error code can be used with NetMsgError to get the error details and the corresponding message.
<Access name>: Character string
Name of the "Remote network access" connection defined in Windows. The list of remote accesses installed on a computer is returned by NetListRemoteAccess.
If the connection is already enabled (if it was opened manually or by another application), it is automatically retrieved.
<Password>: Optional character string
Password associated with the connection.
<Automatic closing>: Optional boolean
  • True (default value): the connection will be automatically closed at the end of application or during the call to NetCloseRemoteAccess without parameter (valid for the last connection opened by NetOpenRemoteAccess).
  • False: the connection is not closed when the application is closed. Used, for example, to create an application that opens a connection. Similarly, NetCloseRemoteAccess without parameter will not close the connection. To close this connection, the access name must be passed as parameter.

Connection for the remote network access

A connection for remote network access is created in the Windows control panel. The following information is required to create the connection:
  • the caption of the connection (used by NetOpenRemoteAccess),
  • the phone number to dial,
  • the username,
  • the modem, the protocol, etc.
This information is supplied by the provider.
When the connection is run via a double click performed on the corresponding icon, you have the ability to specify a password for this connection. This password can be stored in order to be used whenever this connection is started.


  • Caution: The connection to a remote network can take quite a long time. The execution of the current application is locked during the entire duration of the connection.
  • A single connection can be opened at a given time.
  • We recommend that you check whether the connection operates properly in Windows before running NetOpenRemoteAccess.
Component: wd270com.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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