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Stored procedures
FinNetCurrentVal (Function)
In french: FinValActuelleNette
Returns the net current value of investment. This investment is based on variable financial flows.
Reminder: The net current value corresponds to the value at today's date of a series of future disbursements (negative values) and collections (positive values).
Remark: From a financial point of view, an investment will be deemed profitable if its NCV (Net Current Value) is positive.
// Net current value of investment. The interest rate is set to 8%.
ResNetCurrentVal = FinNetCurrentVal(8, "Matrix")
<Result> = FinNetCurrentVal(<Rate> [, <Matrix name> [, <Row/Column number> [, <Row/Column>]]])
<Result>: Real or currency
Net current value of investment.
<Rate>: Real
Interest rate of investment expressed in percentage (1 by default). For example, for a 5% rate, this parameter will be set to 5. This rate cannot be null.
<Matrix name>: Optional character string
Name of matrix (defined by MatCreate) containing the disbursements and the collections originating from the investment.
<Row/Column number>: Optional integer
Number of the row or column containing the data (1 by default).
<Row/Column>: Optional boolean
  • True (default) if the series of values corresponds to a matrix column,
  • False if the series of values corresponds to a matrix row.

Matrix element

The matrix row or column analyzed by FinNetCurrentVal must contain the following elements:
Number of the row/columnContent
1Invested amount (disbursed): negative
2Revenue for year 1: credited or debited
3Revenue for year 2: credited or debited
N-1Revenue for year N-2: credited or debited
NRevenue for year N-1: credited or debited

Managing errors

Caution: FinNetCurrentVal returns no error code. To find out whether errors have been generated by this function, use FinError. To find out the error details, use ErrorInfo with the errMessage constant.
Component: wd270mat.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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