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Stored procedures
FinNetCurrentVal (Function)
In french: FinValActuelleNette
Returns the net current value of investment. This investment is based on variable financial flows.
Reminder: The net current value corresponds to the value at today's date of a series of future disbursements (negative values) and collections (positive values).
Remark: From a financial point of view, an investment will be deemed profitable if its NCV (Net Current Value) is positive.
// Net current value of investment. The interest rate is set to 8%.
ResNetCurrentVal = FinNetCurrentVal(8, "Matrix")
<Result> = FinNetCurrentVal(<Rate> [, <Matrix name> [, <Row/Column number> [, <Row/Column>]]])
<Result>: Real or currency
Net current value of investment.
<Rate>: Real
Interest rate of investment expressed in percentage (1 by default). For example, for a 5% rate, this parameter will be set to 5. This rate cannot be null.
<Matrix name>: Optional character string
Name of matrix (defined by MatCreate) containing the disbursements and the collections originating from the investment.
<Row/Column number>: Optional integer
Number of the row or column containing the data (1 by default).
<Row/Column>: Optional boolean
  • True (default) if the series of values corresponds to a matrix column,
  • False if the series of values corresponds to a matrix row.

Matrix element

The matrix row or column analyzed by FinNetCurrentVal must contain the following elements:
Number of the row/columnContent
1Invested amount (disbursed): negative
2Revenue for year 1: credited or debited
3Revenue for year 2: credited or debited
N-1Revenue for year N-2: credited or debited
NRevenue for year N-1: credited or debited

Managing errors

Caution: FinNetCurrentVal returns no error code. To determine if this function has generated errors, use FinError. To get more details on the error, use ErrorInfo with the errMessage constant.
Component: wd270mat.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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