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Stored procedures
The following structure is used to pass parameters to a procedure run on a server of J2EE XML Web services:
J2EE.NameSpaceOptional character string"NameSpace" of parameter
J2EE.NameCharacter stringParameter name
J2EE.XMLParamOptional character stringStructures of a parameter expressed in XML format. The other parameters (Value, Name, Type, NameSpace and EncodingStyle) are ignored if this parameter is specified.
J2EE.EncodingStyleOptional character stringEncoding style of parameter
J2EE.TypeConstantType of parameter
J2EE.ValueAny typeParameter value
The J2EE.Value variable is ignored if the J2EE.ExtendedValue is used.
For a character string (Unicode string or string used in WINDEV Mobile)
This string is automatically converted into ANSI format when it is sent.
Binary string
To transmit a binary string, use the J2EE.ExtendedValue variable.
J2EE.ExtendedValueAny typeParameter value
For a character string (Unicode string or string used in WINDEV Mobile)
This string is not modified when it is sent. No conversion is performed.
Useful when a character string in UNICODE format must be transmitted for instance.
This structure must be used for each parameter. For example:
J2EE.Value[1] = 94010
J2EE.Name[1] = "PostalCode"
J2EE.Type[1] = J2EEStringType
This structure is equivalent to:
J2EE.XMLParam[1] = <PostalCode xsi:type="xsd:string">94010</PostalCode>
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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