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Stored procedures
H.ErrIgnore (Variable)
In french: H.ErrIgnore
Specifies the mode for processing the errors:
  • the errors are processed by WINDEV,
  • the errors are processed by the program.
Caution: The H.ErrIgnore variable has no effect for the programming errors (called "major errors"). These errors must not be ignored because the execution of the program would come to nothing. These errors are presented in HFSQL errors.

Value of H.ErrIgnore

If the H.ErrIgnore variable is set to True:
  • the errors (that can be ignored) must be processed in the program, they do not stop the execution of the program. If an error occurs, the requested function is not run.
  • the global H.Error variable returns the error number to the program in order for the error to be processed.
If the H.ErrIgnore variable is set to False (default value):
  • All the runtime errors automatically display the error number, the associated error message and the value of the invalid parameters.
  • The execution of the current program is stopped, pressing a keyboard key is used to exit from the program.


The following example is used to check the existence of a data file. If the data file does not exist, it is created ; if it exists, the program continues to run.
// In order for the execution not to be stopped if an error occurs
H.ErrIgnore = True
H.ErrIgnore = False
IF H.Error = 3 THEN HCreation(CUSTOMER)
Component: wd290hf.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 09/07/2023

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