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  • Using a proxy
  • How to check whether the proxy exists?
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Stored procedures
Specifies whether the communication functions that use HTTP or HTTPS must go through a proxy to execute their requests. A proxy is used to share the access to Internet between the different network computers.
The relevant communication functions are as follows:
This function is only taken into account the next time a function that uses HTTP is called.
  • Proxy configures the access to Internet via a proxy for the entire application.
  • Versions 16 and later
    FTPProxy allows you to configure the use of a proxy for the FTP functions.
    New in version 16
    FTPProxy allows you to configure the use of a proxy for the FTP functions.
    FTPProxy allows you to configure the use of a proxy for the FTP functions.
// Indicates that the next connections will go via a proxy
Proxy("", 8080)
// Performs an HTTP request
sHTMLCode is string = HTTPRequest("http://www.windev.com")
Info("The HTML code is: " + sHTMLCode)
// Cancels the use of proxy

Defining the proxy Hide the details

Proxy(<Proxy address> [, <Proxy port> [, <Username> [, <Password>]]])
<Proxy address>: Character string
Address of proxy in the following format:
  • IP address in XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX format ( for example).
  • URL containing the server name (www.windev.com for example). This syntax is recommended.
  • IP address returned by NetIPAddress.
<Proxy port>: Optional integer
Port number of proxy.
This parameter is set to 80. if it is not specified
<Username>: Optional character string
Authentication for the proxy.
No authentication is performed if this parameter corresponds to an empty string ("", default value).
<Password>: Optional character string
Password for authentication beside the proxy.
This parameter is ignored if <Username> corresponds to an empty string ("").

Canceling the use of proxy

Reports and Queries

Using a proxy

With Proxy, the end user will be able to configure the WINDEV or WINDEV Mobile application to use or not a proxy for the HTTP protocol. We advise you to implement a setting window in the WINDEV application to enter the address of the proxy if necessary.
Some proxies require a specific setting in Internet Explorer. In this case, the call to Proxy is not required: HTTPParameter (httpParameterMode constant) will allow you to go via Internet Explorer when sending HTTP requests.

How to check whether the proxy exists?

The following code is used to check whether the proxy exists via SocketConnect:
IF SocketConnect(lsSocketName, llSocketPort, lsSocketAddr) = False THEN
Related Examples:
WD HTTP Proxy Complete examples (WINDEV): WD HTTP Proxy
[ + ] This WINDEV example is a simplified HTTP proxy.
You can save connections and find out which pages were viewed.
WD POP3Proxy Complete examples (WINDEV): WD POP3Proxy
[ + ] This example presents a POP3 proxy. A proxy is a program that connects to a server on behalf of another program.
A proxy can be used to isolate a local network from Internet for security reasons for example.
Only the computer hosting the proxy is linked to Internet and the users access the email server via the proxy.
In this example, the proxy is used to automatically archive the retrieved emails into a HFSQL database.
Several additional features can be used in this application: automatic filtering of spams, statistics about the emails...
Component: wd270com.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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