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  • Chart control in a report
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Regardless of the type of chart displayed in the Chart control, all its characteristics can be configured via its description window.
This window is available in the page, window and report editors. This page presents:
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Chart control in a report

Chart control in a report

A chart printed in a report can represent:
  • the entire data displayed in the report: the report contains a single chart.
  • the data per break: the report contains as many charts as the number of breaks.
  • the global sums of the different breaks: the report contains a single chart.
  • data different from the ones displayed in the report. This data can be defined through programming, come from a WLanguage array, be defined in the control description window, etc.
From version 17, Chart controls have evolved and are now similar to the controls available in windows and pages. To take this evolution into account in the report editor, select "Upgrade the Chart control" in the context menu of the control.
You also have the ability to print a chart only (without printing the source data). In this case, the block containing the data is not displayed ("Visible" is unchecked in the "Details" tab of the block description).
The characteristics of the Chart control are defined directly in the description window:
  • Type of chart ("General" tab)
  • Characteristics of X and Y axes ("General" tab)
  • Display of gridlines ("General" tab)
  • Layout ("Details" tab)
  • Title and legend of chart ("Details" tab)
  • Background image ("Details" tab)
  • Characteristics of series ("Series" tab). For more details, see Mode for filling the Chart controls.
For more details about the different options found in the tabs, see:
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 07/17/2023

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