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Stored procedures
The "Series" tab is used to define the different series used in the Chart control as well as the source of category labels.
Source of category labels
The category labels are the labels representing the categories displayed in the chart.
The category labels are displayed:
  • below the horizontal marks for the Line charts and Stock charts (Candlestick and BarCharts),
  • below the X-axis for the column charts and MinMax charts.
Category labels
You can choose:
  • the source:
    • Filled through programming,
    • Browse performed on a data file or query,
    • Table column,
    • List Box control,
    • WLanguage array.
  • the data. The information to give depend on the selected source.
Remark: In a report, the available data sources are:
  • Filled through programming,
  • Browse performed on a data file or query,
  • WLanguage array,
  • Data source of report.
Source of series
The source of series corresponds to the mode for storing the series taken into account by the chart.
You can:
  • add a series into the array via the "+" button.
  • modify the caption, the source and the data in the array.
The available sources and the associated data are:
Data sourceExpected data
Filled through programmingInitial values of series. The values must be separated by a carriage return or by a ";".
Browse through a file or querySource item, chosen among the data files described in the analysis.
Table columnName of source column.
List Box controlName of List Box control.
WLanguage arrayName of WLanguage array, type of array and name of column or member to browse.
Type of line to define in the options of the series. You can use:
  • a trend line of constant type. All you have to do is specify the value in the options of the selected series.
  • a trend line of mean type. All you have to do is specify the reference series.
  • a trend line of linear regression type. All you have to do is specify the reference series.
    Caution: The type of trend line operates with a single series.
  • a trend line of quadratic regression type. All you have to do is specify the reference series.
Options of selected series
Specific options can be defined for each series selected in the array of series:
  • Type of series: Type of chart associated with the series. By default, this parameter corresponds to the type of chart displayed in the control (defined in the "General" tab).
  • Color: Color of series.
  • Opacity: Percentage of opacity for the series.
  • Type of point: Shape of the point (circle, square, ...). You have the ability not to draw the point.
  • Browse the data source whenever a drawing is made to update the values.: This option is used to update the chart data for each new drawing (display) of the chart.
  • Use the secondary scale: The series will be displayed by using the secondary scale.
Depending on the selected type of series (Line, Area, Scatter and Column chart), properties can be defined or overridden according to the type of chart defined in the "General" tab.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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