• Disconnecting a stream
  • Procedure for stream detection
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Stored procedures
Stops receiving or broadcasting a stream. The connection is closed and dissociated from the stream and from the corresponding Conference controls.
Remark: To stop receiving or broadcasting a stream without dissociating this stream from a Conference control, use StreamStop.
// Stops receiving the stream and dissociates the stream from the associated control
StreamDisconnect(<Stream identifier>)
<Stream identifier>: Integer
Identifier of the stream to disconnect. This identifier can be found:
  • in the event "Connection request of new stream" associated with the stream.
  • by using the Value property on the stream.

Disconnecting a stream

When a stream is disconnected (by the caller or the called), the "End of connection" event is automatically run.

Procedure for stream detection

A stream is associated with the event "Connection request of new stream". This event is run when a request to connect to an incoming stream is detected.
This event is run in one of the following cases:
  • if the Detection property applied to the stream is set to True.
  • if the option "Detection of active incoming streams" has been checked in the stream description window.
Remark: This event is run in a specific thread of WLanguage. Therefore, it is subject to limitations specific to the threads. For more details on threads, see Managing threads with WINDEV.
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Component: wd270com.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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