• Procedure for stream detection
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Stored procedures
Stops receiving or broadcasting a type of data in a stream. The emission or the reception of the data type can be resumed via StreamPlay.
// Stops receiving sound in the stream
StreamStop(STREAM_MyStream.Value, StreamIncomingSound)
StreamStop(<Stream identifier> [, <Type of stream>])
<Stream identifier>: Integer
Identifier of the stream to use. This identifier is defined in the "Connection request of new stream" event associated with the stream. It can also be identified with the Value property on the stream.
<Type of stream>: Optional Integer constant (or combination of constants)
Type of stream to stop:
  • Simple constants
    StreamIncomingSoundIncoming sound stream.
    StreamIncomingVideoIncoming video stream.
    StreamOutgoingSoundOutgoing sound stream.
    StreamOutgoingVideoOutgoing video stream.
  • Constants corresponding to a combination of constants
    (default value)
    Video + Sound stream (StreamFullDuplexSound + StreamFullDuplexVideo).
    StreamFullDuplexSoundIncoming and outgoing sound stream (corresponds to StreamOutgoingSound + StreamIncomingSound).
    StreamFullDuplexVideoIncoming and outgoing video stream (corresponds to StreamOutgoingVideo + StreamIncomingVideo).

Procedure for stream detection

A stream is associated with the event "Connection request of new stream". This event is run when a request to connect to an incoming stream is detected.
This event is run in one of the following cases:
  • if the Detection property applied to the stream is set to True.
  • if the option "Detection of active incoming streams" has been checked in the stream description window.
Remark: This event is run in a specific thread of WLanguage. Therefore, it is subject to limitations specific to the threads. For more details on threads, see Managing threads with WINDEV.
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Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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