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Stored procedures
Returns the list of libraries (".DLL" files) used by one of the applications currently run. This application can correspond to a WINDEV application, a WINDEV Mobile application or another application.
Remark: Only the libraries loaded in memory are listed.
// -- Initialization code of "LIST_App" control
// Add the applications currently run into the "LIST_App" control
ListAdd(LIST_App, ExeListProcess(exePID, exeShortName))
// -- Code for selecting a row in "LIST_App"
// Extract the identifier of the application selected in the list
AppInfo is string = LIST_App[LIST_App]
AppID is string = ExtractString(AppInfo, 1)
// Display the DLLs found in memory in the "LIST_DLL" control
ListAdd(LIST_DLL, ExeListDLL(Val(AppID)))
<Result> = ExeListDLL([<Application identifier>])
<Result>: Character string
List of libraries (".DLL" files) used by the specified application in the following format:
<1st Library> + CR + <2nd Library> + CR + ... + <Nth Library>
Where <X Library> corresponds to the name and full path of library X.
<Application identifier>: Optional Integer constant
Identifier of the application to use. This identifier is returned by ExeListProcess.
If this parameter is not specified, <Result> will correspond to the list of libraries for the current process.
ExeListDLL returns no error code. To determine if this function generated an error, use the ErrorOccurred variable. If an error occurs, you can get more details on the error with ErrorInfo.
Component: wd290std.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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