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Managing the executables (WLanguage functions)
WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile propose different functions for managing executables from a WINDEV application, from a WINDEV Mobile application or from a WEBDEV site. These executables can be created by WINDEV or by another application.
Functions for handling the executables
The following functions are used to handle the executables and to get information about the executables found on the current computer:
  • the form of an application on Android (Play Store), iOS (App Store) or Windows (Windows Store) in order for the user to give a mark to it and/or to comment it.
  • the form for configuring the In-App purchases of an application.
AutoRunAddAllows you to automatically start a WINDEV application when a specific event occurs.
AutoRunDeleteStops the automatic execution of a WINDEV application.
ExeGetPIDReturns information about the current process.
ExeInfoRetrieves the specified information about the version of an executable or DLL.
ExeListDLLReturns the list of libraries (".DLL" files) used by one of the applications currently run.
ExeListProcessReturns the list of applications currently run.
ExePriorityReturns or modifies the priority of an application currently run.
ExeRemoteRunStarts running a remote program from the current application.
ExeRunExecutes a program (an executable file, for example) from the current application.
ExeRunningAllows you to find out whether a 32-bit application is already run.
ExeTerminateEnds the execution of a 32-bit application on the current computer: all the instances of the executable are killed.
RestartProgramEnds the application and restarts it.
ShellExecuteOpens a document in its associated application.
StartShareOpens a popup allowing you to select the application that will be used to share a resource (text or document).
Other functions can also be used:
GetIdentifierCalculates a unique identifier (integer) for an executable or for a session.
  • at runtime: the list of libraries (".DLL" files) used by the current WINDEV or WINDEV Mobile application or by the current WEBDEV site. Only the libraries loaded in memory are listed.
  • in test mode: all the libraries installed on the current computer.
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