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  • Call to DotNetRunXML
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Stored procedures
Runs a procedure on a server for .Net XML Web services. All the procedure parameters must be specified via an XML message.
// Define the XML message of the "getTemp" procedure that
// returns the temperature of a city identified by its zip code
MessageXML = ...
"<SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV=" + ...
"""""" + ...
"xmlns:xsi=""""" + ...
"xmlns:xsd="""">" + ...
"SOAP-ENV:Body> " + ...
"<ns1:getTemp xmlns:ns1=""urn:xmethods-Temperature"" SOAP-" + ...
"ENV:encodingStyle="""">" + ...
"<zipcode xsi:type=""xsd:string"">94041</zipcode> " + ...
"</ns1:getTemp> " + ...
"</SOAP-ENV:Body> " + ...
// Run the "getTemp" procedure
ResExecute = DotNetRunXML("" + ...
  "/soap/servlet/rpcrouter", MessageXML)
<Result> = DotNetRunXML(<Server URL> , <XML message> [, <Procedure action>])
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the communication was established with the server,
  • False otherwise. To get more details on the error, use ErrorInfo with the errMessage constant.
<Server URL>: Character string
URL of server to contact. This parameter is supplied in the documentation of .Net server.
<XML message>: Character string
XML message containing the data used to run a procedure (name, namespace, encoding style and parameters of procedure). These parameters are supplied in the documentation of .Net server.
<Procedure action>: Optional character string
Action of procedure (also called "DotNetAction"). This parameter is supplied in the documentation of .Net server.

Call to DotNetRunXML

After the call to DotNetRunXML:
  • The data found in the procedure is erased.
  • The structure of the header specified with DotNetAddHeader is deleted.
  • DotNetGetResult returns the result of the procedure run.
  • DotNetError returns the error message of the procedure run.
Component: wd270com.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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