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WINDEV Mobile: Platforms, processors and operating systems
WINDEV Mobile applications can run on the following platforms:
  • Universal Windows Platform Apps.
  • Android version 5 and later.
  • iOS version 10 and later.
The following processors are supported:
  • ARM and compatible (Strong ARM, XScale, Samsung, Texas Instrument, ...).
  • ARM v4T and compatible (XScale, ...).
Android Remark: The Android applications generated by WINDEV Mobile can be installed on the chromebooks (equipped with "Chrome OS") with access to Play Store. By default, these applications are opened in windowed mode (they are displayed in a window) and they automatically switch to "Full screen/Touchscreen" mode when the chromebook is used in tablet mode.
Windows Mobile, Windows CE and Windows Embedded are no longer supported by Microsoft, but are still used in the industrial field.
To continue developing for Windows Mobile, you must use version 26. Version 2024 gives you access to version 26, which can be downloaded here.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 10/18/2022

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