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Stored procedures
Returns the system "Handle" (HWND) of a WINDEV control or window. This allows you to call some API functions with this parameters (with API or CallDLL32, SendMessage or PostMessage).
This "Handle" is rarely used with WLanguage functions.
// Copy the content of an edit control into the clipboard
SendMessage(Handle(EDT_EDIT1), WM_COPY, 0, 0)
WINDEVUser code (UMC)
// Immediately refresh the drawing of CONTROL1
hwnd is int = Handle(CONTROL1)
CallDLL32("USER32", "UpdateWindow", hwnd)

Retrieving the handle of a control or window Hide the details

<Result> = Handle([<Object name>])
<Result>: Pointer
Requested handle.
<Object name>: Optional character string
Control or window name. If this parameter is not specified, Handle uses the current window. If this parameter corresponds to a table column, the handle of its edit control will be returned (NULL if the column is not in edit).

Retrieving the handle of a specific element in a control Hide the details

<Result> = Handle([<Object name>, ] <Object type>)
<Result>: Integer
Requested handle.
<Object name>: Optional character string
Control name.
<Object type>: Integer constant
Element of the Combo Box whose handle is requested.
HandleHScrollbarReturns the handle of the horizontal scrollbar of the control.
HandleVScrollbarReturns the handle of the vertical scrollbar of the control.
HandleComboBoxListReturns the handle of the drop-down list associated with a Combo Box (the control must be a Combo Box control).
HandleComboBoxEditReturns the handle of the edit control associated with a Combo Box (the control must be a Combo Box control).
Related Examples:
The alarms Unit examples (WINDEV): The alarms
[ + ] Implementing an alarm to display an alert message in the title bar of the active window (regardless of the application).
The following topics are presented:
1/ The system functions (retrieving the handle of a window)
2/ Triggering a process according to a given frequency (timers)
Business / UI classification: UI Code
Component: wd270obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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