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Stored procedures
InitialVisible (Property)
In french: VisibleInitial
The InitialVisible property is used to determine if:
  • a control was visible during the first display of the associated window or page.
  • WINDEV a window was visible during its first display.
  • The initial visibility of a control or window corresponds to the one defined in the editor ("Details" tab of object description). This option will be used when initializing the control or window.
  • The visibility of a control or window can be modified by Visible and State.
// Restores the "EDT_Company" control to its initial visibility status
EDT_Company.Visible = EDT_Company.InitialVisible
<Result> = <Element used>.InitialVisible
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the specified object was visible during its first display,
  • False otherwise.
<Element used>: Control name or window name
Name of the object (control or window) to use.
For a control associated with a tab, use the following notation:
<Tab name>.<Control name>

Control attributes

The InitialVisible property does not modify the other state attributes of the control (selection without input, active or grayed out)


The InitialVisible property cannot be used on:
  • an option in a check box or radio button,
  • a row in a table, in a list box or in a combo box,
  • a table cell,
  • a window menu,
  • a group of controls,
  • an element in a TreeView control.
Java The InitialVisible property applies only to the following elements:
  • Button control.
  • Static control.
  • Edit control.
  • Image control.
  • Check Box control.
  • Radio Button control.
  • List Box control.
  • Combo Box control.
  • TreeView control.
  • Tab control.
  • Window.
  • Table control.
  • Table column.
  • Supercontrol.
Android Widget The InitialVisible property applies only to the following elements:
  • Button control.
  • Static control.
  • Image control.
  • Window.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 09/15/2022

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