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WINDEV, WINDEV Mobile and WEBDEV allow you to create the class diagram of an application by reverse engineering the classes (".WDC" files) in the application. The classes of the project are analyzed and the class diagram is built based on the analysis information.
Remark: To create a class diagram using reverse engineering, the WINDEV application must contain WINDEV classes.
How to?
To create a class diagram using reverse engineering:
  1. Open the project where the class diagram must be built.
  2. Click in the quick access buttons.
    • The creation window appears: click "Architecture", and then "UML".
    • The UML model creation wizard starts.
  3. Select "Class diagram".
  4. Specify the UML model into which the diagram will be inserted.
  5. Choose to build the class diagram using reverse engineering.
  6. Validate the creation of the class diagram. The new class diagram appears in the editor.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 09/13/2022

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