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Stored procedures
The query editor allows you to perform operations on the values of an item. The possible operations are:
  • the sum of item values.
  • the mean of item values.
  • the calculation of the minimum value for all the item values.
  • the calculation of the maximum value for all the item values.
Scope of operations
These operations are performed:
  • on all the records selected by the query.
  • on sub-sets of records (automatically grouped by the query).
For example, you want to find out:
  • the total amount of orders placed by the customers living in Seattle.
  • the order with the smallest amount.
  • the average sum spent by the customer named Darwin.
  • ...
When to define the operations?
The operations are defined when creating the query. However, you have the ability to add, modify or delete the operations performed in a query. For more details, see Operations in a query: add and delete.
Caution: If the query result is displayed in a report, the operations to perform on the item values must be defined during report description.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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