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Stored procedures
Applications are constantly evolving.
End users often take advantage of these improvements.
However, in order to benefit from the changes between two versions, the end user needs to know what was modified. The user must be kept informed of the improvements and new operating modes in order to use them properly.
When creating the setup for network applications, a list of modifications made since the previous version is proposed by WINDEV.
An overview of this information is automatically deduced from the environment:
  • List of completed tasks deduced from the project monitoring center
  • List of fixed bugs and new features deduced from the quality and version monitoring center,
  • List of modified elements deduced from the SCM, ...
When developing or creating the setup program, the developer selects and possibly rewrites the elements found in this list, and he also adds all the necessary elements.
This information is displayed during the setup and it can be accessed from the standard "?" menu of the application thereafter.
How to?

Creating the documentation about the new features

To implement the documentation about the new features:
  1. Create the client version of your application: on the "Project" tab, in the "Generation" group, expand "Setup procedure" and select "Create setup procedure".
  2. Click "Additional information" in the executable creation wizard. The "New features documentation" step is appears.
    New executable
  3. You can:
    • create a new help system,
    • select an existing help system to complete it,
    • use an updated help system.
  4. If you create or update a help system, you can:
    • indicate whether the page of new features corresponds to a daily page or to a page for all the new features.
    • select the origin of the information inserted into the page of new features:
      New executable
      If a new page is generated, you have the ability to define the elements automatically generated in the page: title, executable number, corrected incidents, completed tasks, archive operations performed, ...
  5. The setup procedure is momentarily stopped. The executable is generated and the help page is created (if necessary) in your project.
  6. The help page can be modified according to your own needs.
  7. Once your have made all the desired changes, you can:
    • Resume the setup procedure.
    • Cancel the setup procedure.
      Resume or cancel the setup procedure
  8. The help for the new features will be displayed when installing the application with automatic update.
Minimum version required
  • Version 11
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