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Stored procedures
Subscribing an element to the dictionary
From version 24, this feature is kept for backward compatibility. It is recommended to use window, page, report and control templates to reuse elements combined with the Source Code Manager (SCM).
The subscription to a dictionary element is automatically proposed:
  • When an element is checked in into the dictionary.
  • When a dictionary element is copied into a project.
Operations linked to the subscription
If the subscriber object is not synchronized with the dictionary, a screen for updating the subscriber object is displayed when opening or saving this object.
Updating the subscriptions
This screen is used to:
  • Open the element without updating the subscription (validation button).
  • Cancel the opening of the element (cancelation button).
  • Update all the earlier elements ("Update all" button).
  • Update the dictionary element from the subscriber element selected in the list ("To dictionary" button).
  • Update the selected subscriber element from the dictionary element ("From dictionary" button).
  • Delete the subscription ("Delete the link" button).
  • Show the details of differences ("Details" button).
Special case: the conflict
A dictionary element can be in conflict with the subscriber element: the dictionary element and the subscriber element have been modified separately and they are not in sync anymore. The developer can:
  • Include the evolutions of the dictionary element: the last evolutions of the subscriber element will be lost.
  • Update the dictionary element: its last evolutions will be lost.
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Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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