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From version 18, the multi-project search is available in the "Find - Replace" pane. For more details, see Find - Replace in the editors.
This help page is kept for backward compatibility.
Performing a search in the current project is a common operation: search for a caption, search for a control name, ... This search can be performed:
It may also be useful to perform a search in different projects (to search for a procedure used in another project for example). This search can be performed in any type of project (WINDEV, WEBDEV or WINDEV Mobile).
The multi-project search allows you to perform a search in:
  • specific projects,
  • all the projects found in a directory,
  • all the projects found on a disk or on a server.
How to?

Performing a multi-project search

To perform a multi-project search:
  1. Select "Workshop .. Multi-project search...". The window for configuring the search directories is displayed.
  2. Specify the directories, disks or projects affected by the search:
    • the "Directory" button is used to select the projects found in a directory or on a disk. All the WINDEV, WEBDEV or WINDEV Mobile projects found at this location will be taken into account. The search is also performed in the subdirectories of the specified locations. A UNC path can be specified.
    • the "Project" button is used to add a specific project (WINDEV, WEBDEV or WINDEV Mobile). Different types of projects can be added (a WINDEV project and a WINDEV Mobile project for example).
  3. Validate. The "Find - Replace" pane is automatically displayed and enabled in the editor (if necessary).
  4. In the "Find - Replace" pane, enter:
    • the word or the expression to find,
    • the search criteria (contains, whole word, ...).
  5. Start the search (). If elements are found, the reference of these elements is displayed in the "Find - Replace" pane.
Remark: The multi-project search can also be performed from the "Find - Replace" pane. To do so, select the "In <Multi-project>" option to configure the search directories.

Handling the result of the search

The result of the multi-project search is displayed in the "Find - Replace" pane. The results are grouped by project.
The following information is specified for each element found:
  • its location,
  • its value.
The context menu of the search result is used to:
  • copy the list of elements found to the clipboard.
  • print the list of elements found.
To directly access one of the elements found, double-click the location of the element.
Remark: If the element found belongs to a project other than the current project:
  • if the project was developed with the same product, the project is opened in a new instance of the product.
  • if the project was developed with a different product, the project is opened in the associated product.

Search criteria

Regardless of the type of search performed, you can specify a combination of the following search criteria:
  • Contains: the searched expression must contain the specified expression.
  • Starts with: the searched expression starts with the specified expression.
  • Whole word: the searched expression corresponds exactly to the specified expression.
  • Ignore the punctuation: the search ignores the punctuation (comma, period, etc.).
  • Ignore case: the search ignores the case (uppercase and lowercase characters).
  • Ignore the accented characters: the search ignores the accented characters.
Minimum version required
  • Version 14
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Last update: 04/14/2023

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