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Stored procedures
Managing a SaaS client account is used to:
To delete a user account, click the "Delete this client account" link at the bottom of the page for managing the account.
Remark: Deleting a client account triggers the permanent deletion of its current subscriptions, its users as well as all its visits.
Modifying the general information
The name of the client account as well as the external reference, entered when creating the account, can be modified.
You also have the ability to enter some information regarding the client account.
In order for these modifications to be taken into account, click the "Validate" button at the bottom of the page.
Modifying the subscriptions
From the page for managing a client account, you have the ability to view the different SaaS sites to which this account subscribes as well as the number of licenses allocated for each pricing.
Click the icon in the "Modify" column to display the page for managing the subscriptions.
For more details, see Managing the subscriptions.
Managing users
The page for managing the client accounts lists the different users belonging to this account.
To declare new users, all you have to do is click the "Add a user" link. The following information is requested:
Last nameUser's last name (optional parameter).
First nameUser's first name (optional parameter).
LoginIdentifier for connecting to the SaaS sites.
Remark: after its creation, Subscription licenses must be allocated to the user in order to allow him to access the SaaS sites.
PasswordUser password
AdministratorIf the "Administrator" box is checked, the created user will be an administrator for the current client account.
This means that he will be able (by using the SaaS Administrator or SaaSWriteSiteParameter) to modify the parameters of the client account, manage the users and the subscriptions, and modify the parameters of the SaaS sites.
Password to enterIf "Password to enter" is checked, during the next connection of the user, a message will indicate that his password has expired and that a new password must be entered.
Remark: If this box is checked when creating the user, you still have to specify a password for the first user connection.
Parameter modification
When declaring a SaaS site in the SaaS administrator, you have the ability to define a set of parameters. These parameters can be used by programming to customize the interface or the operating mode of the SaaS site according to the client.
In the page for managing a client account, you have the ability to enter the values associated with the different parameters of the sites for which the client account owns the subscriptions.
To do so, type the value in the control found in front of the parameter name.
Typically, we will find parameters such as "Logo" whose value is the URL of the logo image file of the client account.
At the end of input, click the "Validate" button to confirm the new values.
Minimum version required
  • Version 15
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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