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Stored procedures
Adding a SaaS client account is used to make a SaaS site available to the users.
In most cases, a client account represents a company whose members are the users.
Adding a client account must be performed after the deployment of the site, after the declaration of the SaaS services and after the creation of the pricing.
Remark: This operation is equivalent to the call to SaaSAdminAddClient.
How to?
From the main menu of the SaaS Administrator, select "Client account .. Add a client account".
Reminder: The SaaS Administrator is found on the Application Server hosting the SaaS Webservice that controls the site.
The following elements are requested:
NameName of the client account. This name will be used to identify the client account in the functions for SaaS management and on the invoicing reports.
This information is mandatory.
External referenceUsed to reference the client account in an external information system that already exists.

Furthermore, when creating the client account, the first user is also created. This user will be the administrator of the client account. He will be able to use the SaaS Administrator and to modify the parameters of this client account, its users and the SaaS sites to which the client account has subscribed.
The following information is required to create the user:
Last nameUser's last name (optional parameter).
First nameUser's first name (optional parameter).
LoginName used to connect to the SaaS Administrator or to the SaaS sites.
PasswordAssociated password.
EmailEmail address (optional). This email address will be used to send the security code in case of forgotten password.
Minimum version required
  • Version 15
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