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Stored procedures
Draws Markdown text:
  • in an Image control,
  • in a variable of type Image.
  • WINDEVWEBDEV - Server code in a variable of type WDPic (on the background layer),
  • WINDEVWEBDEV - Server code in a variable of type picLayer.
// Draw Markdown text at 8,10 in IMG_MyImage
s is string = [
# Title
Row 2 with **bold**
*Italics* on row 3
dFont("Arial", 16)
dPen(LightGreen) // Light green text
dTextMarkdown(8, 10, s, IMG_MyImage.Width-16)
dTextMarkdown([<Image>, ] <X-coordinate> , <Y-coordinate> , <Markdown text> [, <Text color>])
<Image>: Optional control name or optional Image, WDPic or picLayer variable
Image to use. The image can correspond to:
  • the name of an Image control.
  • the name of a variable of type Image.
  • WINDEVWEBDEV - Server code the name of a variable of type WDPic. Only the background layer will be handled.
  • WINDEVWEBDEV - Server code the name of a variable of type picLayer.
If this parameter is not specified, it is necessary to define the drawing destination with dStartDrawing.
<X-coordinate>: Integer
X-coordinate of text to draw (in pixels).
<Y-coordinate>: Integer
Y-coordinate of text to draw (in pixels).
<Markdown text>: Type corresponding to the text to draw
Markdown text to draw.
<Text color>: Integer or constant (optional)
Color to use for the Markdown text. This color can correspond to:
If this parameter is not specified, the color of the text:
  • is Black if dPen has not been used beforehand,
  • corresponds to the color specified in the last call to dPen.


By default:
  • The font used is "MS Sans Serif" (size 13).
  • The writing direction is horizontal (from left to right).
  • The coordinates of the upper-left corner of the image are (0,0).
  • The "&" character is not interpreted.
To change these parameters, use dFont.

Background color

By default, the background color of an Image control is transparent. To change the background color of an Image control, use the BackgroundColor property.


Coordinates are specified with respect to the upper-left corner of the image or Image control (coordinates: (0,0)).
The coordinates correspond to the upper-left corner of the rectangle into which the text will be drawn. The precise location of the text in this rectangle depends on the size, shape and attributes of the font.

Using the drawing functions

The drawing functions can be used according to 2 methods:
  • Method 1: Using dStartDrawing
    • dStartDrawing must be called before any other drawing function. dStartDrawing is used to define the element (Image control or variable) to which the drawing functions will be applied.
    • When drawing on an Image control:
      • The drawing functions operate on a copy ("bitmap") of the image. You can use the drawing functions of Windows (via API or CallDLL32) but these functions must use the DC (Device Context) returned by dStartDrawing.
      • dEndDrawing and dStartDrawing must not be called in the same process.
        The drawing will not be displayed if dEndDrawing and dStartDrawing are called in the same process: it will be automatically erased.
  • Reports and QueriesWindowsLinuxUniversal Windows 10 AppiPhone/iPadIOS WidgetUser code (UMC) Method 2: indicating the drawing target directly in the syntax (via a parameter)
    The <Image> parameter is used to specify directly the target of the drawing. dStartDrawing becomes useless. This function must be deleted.
WINDEVWEBDEV - Server codeReports and QueriesiPhone/iPadIOS WidgetUser code (UMC)


In anti-aliasing mode (dChangeMode) or in opacity mode (dStartDrawing), dTextMarkdown is available for the TrueType fonts only.
Component: wd290pnt.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 28
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