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Stored procedures
Allows (or not) to retrieve the value defined by gStoredValue in a List Box control or in a Combo Box control.
Remark: This function is equivalent to gLinkActivate.
// The Combo Box control "COMBO_Title" displays the titles:
// "Mister", "Madam" and "Miss".
// An integer representing a gender will be returned to the language.
ListeAdd(COMBO_Title, "Mister" + gStoredValue("1"))
// Only the string "1" is returned to the language.
// This string is not displayed in the Combo Box control.
// Allow retrieving the value defined with gStoredValue.
gStoredValueEnable(COMBO_Title, True)
<Result> = gStoredValueEnable(<List Box or Combo Box control> [, <Enabled>])
<Result>: Boolean
Corresponds to the former management mode:
  • True if the value defined by gStoredValue was retrieved (default value),
  • False otherwise.
<List Box or Combo Box control>: Control name
Name of the List Box or Combo Box control to be used.
<Enabled>: Optional boolean
  • True if the value defined by gStoredValue must be retrieved (default value),
  • False otherwise.


  • If the values defined with gStoredValue are retrieved from the COMBO_COMBO1 control (<Active> = True):
    COMBO_COMBO1.Value returns the order number in the COMBO_COMBO1 control.
    COMBO_COMBO1[COMBO_COMBO1] returns the value of gStoredValue.
  • If the retrieval of values defined by gStoredValue is disabled on the COMBO_COMBO1 control (<Active> = False):
    COMBO_COMBO1.Value returns the order number in the COMBO_COMBO1 control.
    COMBO_COMBO1[COMBO_COMBO1] returns the current displayed value.
    • If the COMBO_COMBO1 control is bound to an item:
      • FileToScreen selects the row whose rank is equal to the bound item.
      • ScreenToFile assigns the number of the selected element to the bound HFSQL item, i.e., ListSelect(COMBO_COMBO1).

ListSeek function

  • If gStoredValueEnable()=True, ListSeek takes the values added by gStoredValue into account.
  • If gStoredValueEnable()=False, ListSeek ignores the values added by gStoredValue. The search is performed on the displayed value.

Auto-filled combo boxes

gStoredValueEnable is used to manage "Auto-filled Combo Box" controls.
Component: wd270obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 27
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Last update: 06/08/2022

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