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  • Properties specific to diagRectangle variables
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diagRectangle (Type of variable)
In french: diagRectangle
The diagRectangle type is used to define all the advanced characteristics of a shape of type Rectangle. The characteristics of this shape can be defined and changed using different WLanguage properties.
Remark: For more details on the declaration of this type of variable and the use of WLanguage properties, see Declaring a variable.
// Create a rectangle shape
MyShape is diagRectangle
// Set the dimensions, position and background color
MyShape.X = 100
MyShape.Y = 100
MyShape.Width = 350
MyShape.Height = 150
MyShape.Background.Color = PastelRed
MyShape.Border.Color = Black
MyShape.Border.Thickness = 2
MyShape.Border.Type = LineDash
// Reference the displayed diagram
MyDiagram is Diagram <- DIAGEDT_MyDiagram
// Add the rectangle shape to the diagram
Add(MyDiagram.Shape, MyShape)

Properties specific to diagRectangle variables

Remark: The diagRectangle type inherits from the diagShape type. This means all the properties of the diagShape type are available for the diagRectangle type. These properties appear in italics in the list below.
The following properties can be used to handle a shape of type Rectangle:
Property nameType usedEffect
ActionAlloweddiagActionAllowed or constant
  • diagActionAllowed variable used to define the changes the user can make to the shape.
  • diagActionNone constant: no action available.
  • diagActionAll constant (Default value): all actions are available.
AngleRealAngle of rotation of the shape (in degrees).
BackgroundConstant, integer or ColorBackground color of the shape.
The Color property is used to define the background color of the shape.
This property can correspond to:
  • an RGB color (returned by RGB),
  • an HSL color (returned by HSL),
  • a WLanguage preset color.
  • a variable of type Color. In this case, the opacity specified in the variable is taken into account.
BorderdiagBorderCharacteristics of the shape border.
The available properties are:
  • Color: border color.
  • Thickness: border thickness.
  • Type: border type.
CommentCharacter stringNote about the shape. This note is not displayed.
ConnectionPointArray of diagConnectionPointList of connection points of the shape.
HeightRealHeight of the box that contains the shape before rotation or zoom, expressed in pixels.
NameCharacter stringShape name. This name will be used for searching, for example, if the shape is in a library.
NoteCharacter stringNote associated with the shape.
OpacityIntegerPercentage of opacity of the shape. This value ranges from invisible (0) to completely opaque (100).
  • Radius if the corners of the rectangle are rounded
  • 0 otherwise.
  • True if the shape has a shadow,
  • False otherwise.
TextdiagTextText (with formatting) inside the shape.
WidthRealWidth of the box that contains the shape before rotation or zoom, expressed in pixels.
XReal X-coordinate of the box that contains the shape before rotation or zoom, expressed in pixels. This X-coordinate is relative to the parent of the shape.
YReal Y-coordinate of the box that contains the shape before rotation or zoom, expressed in pixels. This Y-coordinate is relative to the parent of the shape.
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