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Stored procedures
Scanner functions use the following constants:
scanBitsPerPixelDefaultNumber of bits per pixel. Keeps the previous value of the property for the next scan. Scanner type
scanBrightnessDefaultBrightness. Keeps the previous value of the property for the next scan. Scanner type
scanCapabilityDuplexScanner capability: the scanner supports duplex scanning.ScanCapability, ScanProperty
scanCapabilityFeederScanner capability: the scanner has a feeder.ScanCapability, ScanProperty
scanCapabilityFlatbedScanner capability: the scanner has a flatbed.ScanCapability, ScanProperty
scanColorFormatAutoColor format automatically detected by the device. Scanner type
scanColorFormatBlackWhiteBlack and white scan. Scanner type
scanColorFormatGrayscaleGrayscale scan. Scanner type
scanColorFormatRGBColor scan (RGB). Scanner type
scanContrastDefaultContrast settings. Keeps the previous value of the property for the next scan. Scanner type
scanDuplexDefaultDuplex configuration. Keeps the previous value of the property for the next scan. Scanner type
scanDuplexNoDuplex scan mode is not used . Scanner type
scanDuplexYesDuplex scan mode is used. Scanner type
scanFromAutoSource of the scan: images will be scanned from the feeder if there is a feeder and there are pages in the feeder. Otherwise, images will be scanned from the flatbed. Scanner type
scanFromFeederSource of the scan: scan using the document feeder. Scanner type
scanFromFlatBedSource of the scan: scan using the flatbed. Scanner type
scanHeightDefaultDefault value for the maximum scan height. Scanner type
scanNumberPagesAllScans all pages in the feeder.ScanToImage
scanPaperSizeA0Paper size: A0ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeA1Paper size: A1ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeA2Paper size: A2ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeA3Paper size: A3ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeA4Paper size: A4ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeA5Paper size: A5ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeA6Paper size: A6ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeA7Paper size: A7ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeA8Paper size: A8ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeA9Paper size: A9ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeA10Paper size: A10ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeAutoPaper size: AutomaticScanProperty
scanPaperSizeB0Paper size: B0ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeB1Paper size: B1ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeB2Paper size: B2ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeB3Paper size: B3ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeB4Paper size: B4ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeB5Paper size: B5ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeB6Paper size: B6ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeB7Paper size: B7ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeB8Paper size: B8ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeB9Paper size: B9ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeB10Paper size: B10ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeBusinessCardPaper size: Visiting cardScanProperty
scanPaperSizeC0Paper size: C0ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeC1Paper size: C1ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeC2Paper size: C2ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeC3Paper size: C3ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeC4Paper size: C4ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeC5Paper size: C5ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeC6Paper size: C6ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeC7Paper size: C7ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeC8Paper size: C8ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeC9Paper size: C9ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeC10Paper size: C10ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeCustomPaper size: Custom paper sizeScanProperty
scanPaperSizeDINB2Paper size: DINB2ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeDINB4Paper size: DINB4ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeJISA2Paper size: JISA2ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeJISA4Paper size: JISA4ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeJISB0Paper size: JISB0ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeJISB1Paper size: JISB1ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeJISB2Paper size: JISB2ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeJISB3Paper size: JISB3ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeJISB4Paper size: JISB4ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeJISB5Paper size: JISB5ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeJISB6Paper size: JISB6ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeJISB7Paper size: JISB7ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeJISB8Paper size: JISB8ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeJISB9Paper size: JISB9ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeJISB10Paper size: JISB10ScanProperty
scanPaperSizeLedgerPaper size: Ledger paper sizeScanProperty
scanPaperSizeLegalPaper size: Legal paper sizeScanProperty
scanPaperSizeLetterPaper size: Letter paper sizeScanProperty
scanPaperSizeStatementPaper size: Statement paper sizeScanProperty
scanPropertyCapabilityScanner capability.ScanProperty
scanPropertyPaperSizePage size currently set for scanning.ScanProperty
scanResolutionDefaultResolution settings. Keeps the previous value of the property for the next scan. Scanner type
scanUIOptionDefaultScan from the user interface: Uses the default options. ScanWithUserInterface
scanUIOptionSingleImageScan from the user interface: Restricts the user interface to scan one single file.ScanWithUserInterface
scanUIOptionSystemScan from the user interface: Displays the system user interface, if available, instead of the scanner-specific user interface. ScanWithUserInterface
scanWidthDefaultDefault value for the maximum scan width. Scanner type
Minimum version required
  • Version 27
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Last update: 07/12/2022

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