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  • Lesson 3 - Preparing the setup program
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Tutorial - Using an HFSQL Client/Server database

Lesson 3 - Preparing the setup program
We will cover the following topics:
  • How to install a Client/Server application on the user computers?
Durée de la leçon 5 min
Installing a Client/Server application requires several specific options. These options can be found in the setup creation wizard.
We are going to create the setup procedure of "WD Full Application".
In this lesson, we will cover only the key points for creating the setup program of an application that uses an HFSQL Client/Server database. We explain how to create the executable file and the setup procedure in Deploying the application .
To continue using the "WD Full Application" project in this lesson, you need to have completed the operations performed in the previous lessons.
Starting the setup creation wizard
To start the setup procedure of an HFSQL Client/Server application:
  1. On the "Project" tab, in the "Generation" group, click "Setup procedure".
  2. Create the executable and validate the help creation.
  3. Click the "Data" option on the left side of the wizard: the "Database options" step is displayed. In this step, several options are specific to applications in Client/Server mode. For example, you can:
    • Include the setup of an HFSQL server: this option prompts the user to install the HFSQL server and the HFSQL Control Center when installing the application. This option is required the first time the application is installed.
    • Configure the location of the application data files: This option lets you specify the location of the data files. For a Client/Server application, the data files will be located on the server.
    • Deploy the data files on an HFSQL server: If enabled, this option deploys the files used for development on the server.
      Creating the setup program
    If these options are checked, the next steps allow you to choose the elements that will be taken into account to install the application on the end-user computers.
In this tutorial, we discovered how to implement an HFSQL Client/Server database in a WINDEV project. We covered the different steps to adapt an application from HFSQL Classic to HFSQL Client/Server. We saw how to configure the access to the database via the HFSQL Control Center. We also took a quick look at the application deployment options.
To learn more about an HFSQL Client/Server database, see the following pages:
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