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Installing an HFSQL Client/Server server with an application
HFSQL Client/ServerAvailable only with this kind of connection
When creating the setup program of a WINDEV application using HFSQL Client/Server data files, the wizard allows you to:
  • use the connection parameters defined in the analysis or programmatically. In this case, no additional information is requested.
  • define the connection parameters when installing the application. The setup wizard proposes several options:
    • allow the end user to install an HFSQL Client/Server server.
    • configure the connection to the HFSQL Client/Server files.
    • install the HFSQL Client/Server data files.
These options appear in the "Database parameters" step of the setup creation wizard.
Installing a server and choosing a type of server


During its setup, a WINDEV application (single-user or multi-user application) can allow the end user to install an HFSQL Client/Server server. To do so, the WINDEV application must use HFSQL Client/Server data files in the description of its analysis.
To install an HFSQL server with your application:
  1. Check "Include the setup of an HFSQL server" in the "Database parameters" step of the setup wizard.
  2. Go to the next plane.
  3. The setup wizard gives you the ability to allow the end user to install:
    • a Windows HFSQL Client/Server server.
    • a Linux HFSQL Client/Server server.
      You can propose to install one of these servers (or none of them).
  4. To perform these setups, the setup program must be supplied with the installation packages of the different servers. The "Advanced" button is used to select the necessary package. The latest available installation package can also be downloaded from the PC SOFT website.
Configuring the connection


If your application uses connection to an HFSQL Client/Server server defined in your analysis, this connection can be automatically configured when installing the final application.
To configure this connection:
  1. Select the desired connection.
  2. Click the "Parameter" button.


The main options to configure are as follows:
  • Whether the user is allowed (or not) to enter the parameters of the connection during the setup.
  • Whether the connection must use the options of the analysis or the values specified in the wizard. In this case, you must specify the values of the connection to use.
  • Whether the parameters of the server that was previously installed must be used.
  • If the setup must create a new database, the user specified in the setup parameters must be a "superuser". Indeed, even if the user has the rights to create the database, he will not be allowed to create files for this database.
  • If a connection is configured by the user during installation, it will be stored in the "<Executable name>".WX" file. This file corresponds to a hidden file in text format. The access to its content is performed by INIRead.
Installing the data files


When creating the application setup program, you can also deploy the HFSQL Client/Server data files on the desired server.


For each file of the application, the "Properties" button allows you to specify:
  • the current location of the data file to install.
  • the connection that must be associated with this file
  • whether the index must be copied or not. If the index is not copied, it will be automatically rebuilt during the setup. This option is used to limit the size of the setup program when the index file is quite large.
Installing the application
When the application is installed on the end-user computer, depending on the selected options, the wizard allows the user to install an HFSQL Client/Server server on a Windows or Linux computer. This wizard gives you the ability to configure the connection used.
At the end of setup, a ".wx" file is created beside the executable.
The structure of this file is given for information. This structure can be modified in a forthcoming version. This file should not be modified manually.
This file contains the following information:
NBCX = Number of defined connections
NOM_x = Name of the connection number x
BASE_x = Type of database used (always corresponds to hAccessHFClientServer)
ADRESSE_x = Address of server used (name or IP address of the server)
PORT_x = Connection port
DATABASE_x = Name of the database used
LOGIN_x = Connection login
PWD_x = Encrypted password
ACCESS_x = Type of access (hOReadWrite or hORead)
EXTINFO_x = Extended information
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 06/06/2024

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