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1. What is the WEBDEV administrator used for
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In development (for test) and in deployment, the WEBDEV administrator is required to run the dynamic WEBDEV sites.
When developing a dynamic WEBDEV site, the administrator is mainly used to:
  • test dynamic sites via the test page ("Advanced" tab, "Test page" button).
  • manage webservices ("Webservices" tab).
  • manage WebSockets servers ("WebSockets" tab).
  • set the connection parameters to dynamic sites for testing: disconnection time, ... ("Configuration" tab).
  • delete the current test connections ("Connections" tab).
  • change the Web server used for tests ("Advanced" tab, "Server" option).
  • perform a diagnostic if a problem occurs when starting a dynamic WEBDEV site ("Advanced" tab, "Diagnostic" button).
  • allow remote debugging ("Configuration" tab).
  • ...
In deployment, the WEBDEV administrator allows you to:
  • manage the configuration of the different dynamic sites installed on the server: number of authorized connections, ... ("Sites" tab).
  • customize error messages displayed in the different dynamic sites installed on the server ("Advanced" tab).
  • configure WEBDEV clusters ("Cluster" tab).
  • ...
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