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13. Print: Reports
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A report provides a custom view of data: data entered in the database, data in a text file, data from a Table control, etc.
Reports can be displayed on the screen, saved in an HTML file, printed, etc.
A report can be used to summarize and synthesize data.
You can:
  • group data.
  • sort data based on different criteria.
  • perform calculations (means, statistics) or even create charts.
The diagram below illustrates the concept of reports:
  • the data to be printed comes from a data source (data file described in an analysis, HFSQL view, query, memory area or text file).
  • the report groups, sorts and formats the data.
  • the report can be represented on the screen, as a file (HTML, RTF, etc.). or sent to the printer.
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Last update: 09/06/2023

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