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To develop Universal Windows 10 App applications with WINDEV or WINDEV Mobile, you must install:
  • To use Universal Windows Platform APIs (UWP API), Visual Studio (version 2015 or later) must be installed.
  • The creation of a Universal Windows Platform project with WINDEV or WINDEV Mobile is available regardless of the system of the development computer. To generate and deploy the application, the system found on the development computer must be Windows 8 (or later).
Windows 10 SDK

Where to find the SDK for Windows 10?

The SDK for Windows 10 can be downloaded from the Microsoft site:
  • This address is valid at the time this documentation is published.
  • We recommend that you check whether updates are available for the SDK on a regular basis.

How to install the SDK for Windows 10?

Once the downloaded file has been run, all the tools required to develop a "Universal Windows 10 App" application for Windows 10 are installed.
Remark: The path of the setup directory of the SDK must be specified in the wizard for project creation.
Minimum version required
  • Version 21
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