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Overview of the supercontrol
A supercontrol is an advanced type of control. A supercontrol groups a set of controls for a specific purpose. These controls are independent from the processes of the window or page that is hosting them.
Benefits of supercontrols: the supercontrols are independent elements that can be easily reused regardless of the window or page where they are used. As they can be included in a dictionary, they can easily be transferred from a project to another one.
Example: These three controls constitute a supercontrol. In this example, the button is used to automatically calculate the end date according to the period chosen in the context menu of the button.
Two types of users are allowed to handle a supercontrol:
  • The creator of the supercontrol: person who designs the supercontrol as well as its features. For more details, see: Creating a supercontrol.
  • The user of the supercontrol: person who is including the supercontrol in his window (or page) and who will be using it through programming. For more details, see: Including a supercontrol in a window.
A supercontrol can include:
  • All types of controls, with all their characteristics (popup menu for example).
  • Specific procedures. These procedures are local to the supercontrol and they can be used by all the processes associated with the supercontrol or with one of its elements.
  • Some variables local to the supercontrol and that can be used by all the processes associated with the supercontrol or with one of its elements.
Remark: A supercontrol can be created with a single control: this allows you to define procedures local to this control.
Several examples of supercontrols are supplied with WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile. These supercontrols can be accessed from the "Preset controls" pane.
Minimum version required
  • Version 11
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