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Stored procedures
The report viewer allows end users to view reports before printing them.
The "Preview" pane allows the user to configure the display mode of the print in the current preview: Zoom, crosshair, move, move between pages.
The different options


The report viewer proposes to:
  • view the current print at 100%.
  • adapt the width of the printout. The printout will be displayed in full width in the viewer.
  • display the entire page.
  • display two pages side by side. In this case, if a cover page was defined, when displaying side by side, the first page will be displayed on the right.
Remark: A more precise management of the zoom can be performed:
  • by using the "Zoom lasso" tool in the "Mode" group. This option allows zooming in a specific area, defined by the mouse lasso.
  • by using the "Zoom in" and "Zoom out" buttons found in the "Mode" group. Select the desired zoom mode: a zoom will be automatically performed during each click in the preview.
  • by pressing Ctrl + ('+' sign on the numeric keypad) and Ctrl - ('-' sign on the numeric keypad).
  • by specifying the zoom percentage directly in the menu bar of the viewer (top right).

How to use the report viewer

The available options are as follows:
  • The "Move" option is used to move in the current edit while keeping the left mouse button down.
  • The "Select" option allows you to select text in the report viewer to copy and/or paste it afterwards. For more details, see Copying text in the report viewer.
  • The "Crosshair" option is used to display a crosshair. This crosshair makes reading tables with a lot of data much easier. When the end user points at a piece of data using the crosshair, they can more easily identify the row and the column of the that piece of data, such as the title for example.
    It is possible to configure the thickness and color of the crosshair by clicking the arrow under the crosshair.
  • The "Annotation" option is used to display the pane specific to the management of annotations. For more details, see Annotations in the report viewer.
  • The "Snapshot" option is used to take a screenshot. Two options are available:
    • Selection with lasso: the mouse cursor turns into lasso. The selection defined in the preview is automatically copied as image to the clipboard.
    • Smart: the entire content of the current page in the preview is automatically copied to the clipboard.
    Then, the clipboard content can be pasted in any tool for image management.
  • The "Zoom lasso", "Zoom in" and "Zoom out" options complete the zoom options of the "Zoom" group.

Display mode

Several display modes are available:
  • "Full screen" mode: The current print occupies the entire available space. The menu shaped like a ribbon is no longer visible. To restore the standard display mode, press the Esc key on the keyboard or click the screen icon found at the top right.
  • Thumbnails pane: Displays the report pages as thumbnails. The thumbnails are automatically resized when modifying the display area of thumbnails. A context menu specific to thumbnails allows you to print the desired page directly.
    The part viewed is represented in the thumbnail. The zoom and positioning area can be resized and moved in the thumbnail, the zoom factor can be modified, ...
    If bookmarks are available, you have the ability to display them in the thumbnail area. These bookmarks are displayed hierarchically. To access a specific section, all you have to do is click the corresponding bookmark.

Navigation in the pages

If the report viewer displays a printout with several pages, you can move between the pages, or directly display the desired page by entering the number of that page.
Minimum version required
  • Version 20
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