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Stored procedures
SOAPToHTTP (Function)
In french: SOAPVersHTTP
Builds the HTTP request to call a function of a Webservice. This request can be modified to adapt it to the expectations of the Webservice, if necessary. It can then be sent using HTTPSend.
// Standard call that is using the full call to a WebService method
stParam is Param1
stParam1.String = "a string"
stParam1.Int = 2
stRet is MyResult
stRet = MyFunction(stParam1)
// Retrieve the Buffer for the call using SoapRunXML
stParam is Param1
stParam1.String = "a string"
stParam1.Int = 2
cMyRequest is httpRequest = SOAPToHTTP(MyFunction, stParam1)
<Result> = SOAPToHTTP(<Function> [, <HTTP request to use>] [, <Parameter 1> [... [, <Parameter N>]]])
<Result>: httpRequest variable
httpRequest variable corresponding to the generated HTTP request.
<Function>: Character string (without quotes)
Name of the function for which the SOAP request must be built. This function is a WDSL function of the Webservice previously imported into the project.
<HTTP request to use>: Optional variable of type wsRequest
Name of the Variable of type wsRequest corresponding to an HTTP request containing the additional information to be used.
<Parameter 1>: Optional variant
First parameter expected by the function.
<Parameter N>: Optional variant
Nth parameter expected by the function.
Webservices have a very wide spectrum and not all of them comply with the standard. The ease of use of a third-party Webservice in an application or site depends on its designer. This function makes it possible to retrieve the content of the HTTP request that is sent to the third-party Webservice server. It is possible to modify the XML content, to adapt it to the expectations of the Webservice.
Component: wd260xml.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 24
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