• XML functions and threads
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Stored procedures
<xmlDocument variable>.BuildString (Function)
In french: <Variable xmlDocument>.ConstruitChaîne
Retrieves and formats the content of an XML document.
WINDEVWEBDEV - Server codeWINDEV Mobile The corresponding character string can be saved as an XML file by fSaveText. Reminder: fSaveText creates a text file in ANSI format. To create a Unicode text file, use fOpen / <DiskFile variable>.Write.
AndroidAndroid Widget Java In the final XML document, the list of attributes is sorted in alphabetical order.
AndroidAndroid Widget Java If the XML document to format contains the declaration of an internal DTD, the description of this DTD will not be transcribed in the final XML document.
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XMLSource is string
Res is boolean
DocXML is xmlDocument
// Load the XML content
DocXML = XMLOpen("example.xml", fromFichier)
// Modify the XML document
// Retrieve and format the XML document
XMLSource = XMLDoc.BuildString()
// Save the XML file
fSaveText("ModifiedExample.xml", XMLSource)

Retrieving the source of an XML document found in an xmlDocument variable Hide the details

<Result> = <XML document>.BuildString([<Creation options>])
<Result>: Character string
Formatted XML document. This result can be:
  • handled in memory.
  • WINDEVWEBDEV - Server codeWINDEV Mobile saved in a file in XML format by fSaveText.
  • ...
<XML document>: Control name
xmlDocument variable containing the XML document to format.
Caution: The encoding of the result is defined by the Encoding property of the xmlDocument variable. If no encoding is specified, the XML document will be encoded in UTF-8.
<Creation options>: Optional Integer constant
Combination of following values:
(default value)
Generates the XML code with a header and from the root.
XMLFormattingGenerates XML code with formatting (indentation and carriage returns).
AndroidAndroid Widget This constant is now available.
Java This constant is not available.
XMLNoHeaderGenerates the XML code without header.

XML functions and threads

If your application uses threads, the XML document is shared between all these threads. For more details on threads, see Managing threads.
Component: wd280xml.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 24
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