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Stored procedures
Adds recipients for the notifications sent via the Control Centers (WDBal messaging tool). These notifications are sent by the HFSQL server when a problem occurs or when a possible optimization is detected.
Remark: The sending performed via the Control Centers is using the parameters specified by <Connection variable>.NotifConfigure (database of Control Centers, ...).
// Describe the connection
ctCSConnection is Connection
ctCSConnection is Connection
ctCSConnection.Provider = hAccessHFClientServer
ctCSConnection.User = "admin"
ctCSConnection.Password = ""
ctCSConnection.Server = "test:4900"
ctCSConnection.NotifConfigure(hNotifCCCS, "DOC:4988", "CC_DOC", "DOC", "")
ctCSConnection.NotifAddCCRecipient("Vince", hNotifWarning)
<Result> = <Connection>.NotifAddCCRecipient(<Recipient> , <Minimum level>)
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the recipient was added.
  • False otherwise. HErrorInfo is used to identify the error.
<Connection>: Connection variable
Name of the Connection variable that describes the connection to use.
<Recipient>: Character string
Name of the recipient. This name must correspond to a user defined in the database of Control Centers.
<Minimum level>: Integer constant
Minimum level of gravity from which a notification is sent:
hNotifCriticalThe notifications will be sent from the critical level (for the critical and error problems).
Example of critical error: "Error while preparing the replica on the master."
hNotifErrorThe notifications will be sent for the error problems only.
Example of error: "The statistical file for server activity is damaged. It will be reinitialized."
hNotifInformationThe notifications will be sent from the information level (for the information, warning, critical and error problems)
Exemples of information:
  • During the automatic server update:
    • "The server will be stopped for update. Another notification will be added after the update."
    • "The server was updated to version XXX."
  • During the search for necessary keys on a database in exploitation.
hNotifWarningThe notifications will be sent from the warning level (for the warning, critical and error problems).
Example of warning: The XX server and the YY server have different times. The resolution of conflicts during the replication may be incorrect."

The order of gravity is:
  • Information.
  • Warning.
  • Error.
  • Critical.
Component: wd290hf.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 25
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Last update: 07/06/2023

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