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  • Properties specific to the description of pdfSignature variables
  • Visible or invisible signature
  • Functions that use the pdfSignature variables
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Stored procedures
pdfSignature (Type of variable)
In french: pdfSignature
The pdfSignature type is used to define the advanced characteristics of the signature that will be applied to a PDF file: The characteristics of this signature can be defined and modified using different WLanguage properties.
Remark: See Declaring a variable for more details on the declaration of this type of variable and the use of WLanguage properties.
MySignature is pdfSignature
MaSignature.Certificat = CertificateLoad("test.pfx", "mdp")[1]
MySignature.Label = "Signed by test"
PDFSign("MyPDFFile.pdf", MySignature)

Properties specific to the description of pdfSignature variables

The following properties can be used to handle the signature of a PDF file:
Property nameType usedEffect
BackgroundBrushInteger constantPattern used to fill the signature border:
  • iCrossed: Crossed brush.
  • iDiagonalCrossed: Brush crossed diagonally.
  • iDownwardDiagonal: Downward diagonal brush.
  • iUpwardDiagonal: Upward diagonal brush.
  • iHorizontal: Horizontal brush.
  • iSolid (default value): Solid brush.
  • iVertical: Vertical brush.
HorizontalAlignmentInteger constantHorizontal alignment of signature text:
  • iCenterH: Text horizontally centered.
  • iLeft (default value): Text aligned to left.
  • iRight: Text aligned to right.
VerticalAlignmentInteger constantVertical alignment of signature text:
  • iBottom: Text aligned at bottom.
  • iCenterV: Text vertically centered.
  • iTop (default value): Text aligned at top
BorderBorder variableDescription of signature border.
CertificateCertificate variableCertificate used to sign the PDF.
BackgroundColorInteger constantBackground color used for the signature area. This parameter can correspond to:
Before version 24, this property was named "BrushColor".
HeightRealHeight of signature rectangle in the page (in millimeters). This height must be greater than 0.
ImageImage variableImage of signature.
For an Invisible signature, this Property and the Property label should not be specified.
WidthRealWidth of signature rectangle in the page (in millimeters). This width must be greater than 0.
LibelléCharacter stringTexte of signature.
For an invisible signature, this Property and the Property Image must not be specified.. This Property Label can also be an empty string.
OpacityentierOopacity of background color in the signature area. Value included between 0 and 100:
  • 0: Transparent background,
  • 100: Opaque background.
PageentierNumber of the page where the signature is displayed. This property is set to 0 by default (which means that the signature is displayed at the end of document).
XRealX-coordinate of position of signature area in the page (in millimeters)
YRealY-coordinate of the position of the signature area in the page (in millimeters)

Visible or invisible signature

If the properties Label and Image are not specified, the signature will be Invisible: the document will be signed and a blue bar will be displayed by Adobe Reader but the signature will not be visible in the document.
Otherwise, the signature will appear in the document with the parameters specified by the different properties of the pdfSignature type.

Functions that use the pdfSignature variables

Versions 21 and later
New in version 21
Prints a signature in a rectangular area. This signature will be used to sign the generated PDF files or the duplicates.
Versions 22 and later
New in version 22
Applies an approval signature to an existing PDF.
Minimum version required
  • Version 22
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