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From WINDEV Mobile 22 Update 1 (version 220052), the Push notifications in Android are using the Firebase platform (instead of Google Cloud Messaging).
To use the Firebase platform, you must have a Google account and you must perform a specific configuration.
This help page presents the different operations to perform.
Steps to follow
The different steps are as follows:
1. Creating a Firebase project
The Firebase project is created from the Firebase console, accessible from the following address:
Firebase home screen
Remark: You also have the ability to import a Google API Project (used to send push notifications by GCM) from this console.
2. Adding Firebase to the Android application
  • Click the "Add Firebase to your Android application" button.
    Add Firebase to the application
  • Fill the package name of the application with the one defined in the Android generation wizard.
    Add Firebase to the application
  • Click "Register app".
  • The next step is to download the "google-services.json" file..
    Application settings
  • Click "Next" and then "Go to console".
3. Download the "google-services.json" file. If you haven't downloaded the "google-services.json" file previously:
  • Go to the application settings:
    Application settings
  • In the Android application section, download the "google-services.json" file.
    Download the configuration file
This file must be provided in the application generation wizard:
Android generation wizard
4. Retrieve the data required by NotifPushSend.
There are two types of Cloud Messaging APIs:
  • Firebase Cloud Messaging API (V1): This API is used by default for new projects.
  • Cloud Messaging API (Legacy): This API is disabled by default on new projects.
Until version 28, only Cloud Messaging API (Legacy) was supported.
To use the legacy Cloud Messaging API:
  • Click the "Cloud Messaging" tab.
  • If necessary, enable Cloud Messaging API (Legacy) in the Firebase project settings.
  • Copy the identifier of server key.
    Server key
    This key number must be given as parameter to NotifPushSend.
To use Firebase Cloud Messaging API (V1):
  • Click the "Cloud Messaging" tab.
  • If necessary, enable Firebase Cloud Messaging API (V1) in the Firebase project settings.
  • Go to the "Service accounts" tab and then click "Generate new private key".
  • Confirm the warning message and click "Generate key".
  • A JSON file is downloaded to the current computer. Pass the content of this JSON file to NotifPushSend. You can use fLoadText to get the content of the JSON file, for example.
Minimum version required
  • Version 22
Wizard window not longer available
The wizard window for generating the application showed here does not appear in the windev mobile v25
24 Sep. 2020

Last update: 02/27/2024

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