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Stored procedures
Indicates the "Google Maps API" license key that will be used in the Map controls (of WINDEV or WEBDEV). This key may be required to use the "Google Maps API for work" features. See the license of "Google Maps API" for more details.
WINDEV Important: The call to MapLicenseGgl must be performed before opening the window containing the Map control. If the Map control is found in the first project window, the call to MapLicenseGgl must be performed in the initialization code of project.
// Initialize the Google key
MapLicenseGgl(<Google key>)
<Google key>: Character string (with quotes)
Key supplied by Google.
  • The use of Map control is subject to specific terms and conditions. Check the Google license regarding the use of mapping services.

    Caution: From June 22 2016, the conditions for using the Google mapping services have evolved. From now on, a license key must necessarily be specified to use this service. You must:
    1. Generate the key in the Google developer console (https://console.developers.google.com). The operations to perform are as follows (valid at the date this page was written):
      • Use a Google account to connect to the developer console.
      • Create a Google project if necessary.
      • Access the "API manager" of the project.
      • In the "Google Maps API" item, click the "Google Maps JavaScript API" link.
      • Click "Enable" to enable the Google Maps Javascript API.
      • In the "Identifiers" item, expand the "Create identifiers" button.
      • Select "API key".
      • Select "API key".
        • For a WEBDEV site, select "Browser key". We advise you to specify the domain that will be using the key to monitor the queries and to avoid any usurpation.
        • For a WINDEV application, select "Server key". We advise you to specify the address that will be using the key to monitor the queries and to avoid any usurpation.
      • Validate the key creation and copy the key created by Google.
    2. Specify the key used in the application or in the site with MapLicenseGgl.
  • This function allows you to specify the license to use in order for the provider of Google Maps to give the application:
    • from June 22 2016, access to the "Google Maps JavaScript API" features.
    • access to the extended features of "Maps API for work" (greater number of queries, monitoring, quota, ...).
  • The license is applied to all the maps of the application and it will be used for all the new Map controls created after this call. We advise you to call this function in the initialization code of project.
  • This function must be used for the WINDEV and WEBDEV applications only. A different mechanism is used in the Mobile applications (Android or iOS).
Component : wd250obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 20
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Rota & Distancia
PROCEDURE glo_rot_distancia(origem,destino)

arquivo is string=gsdirtemp+DateSys()+TimeSys()+".xml"

HTTPAddParameter("GoogleMaps","key","AIzaSyDbSVKYPwB1a-_vPbDzAr6LgAfIj4iW2hc")//CHAVE GOOGLE


IF NOT HttpRequest(StringBuild("http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/distancematrix/xml?origins=%1&destinations=%2&mode=driving&language=pt-BR&sensor=false",Replace(origem," ","%20"),Replace(destino," ","%20"))) THEN



sArqxml is string=fLoadText(arquivo)


IF NOT XmlDocument("XML",sArqxml) THEN



11 Nov. 2017