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  • Configuring the User Groupware for a multilingual application
  • Translating the elements of the User Groupware
  • Running the application in the requested language
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Stored procedures
If your application is a multilingual application, the multilingual feature must also be managed in the windows/pages of user groupware. By default, the windows/pages of user groupware support English, American and French.
This help page explains how to:
Configuring the User Groupware for a multilingual application
To include the windows or pages of the User Groupware in a multilingual application:
  1. On the "Project" tab, in the "Project" group, click "User Groupware".
  2. Enable the User Groupware.
  3. Depending on the supported languages, select the integration mode:
    • For an English/French application, in the "Options" tab, select "No customization".
    • For an application supporting other languages, in the "Options" tab, select "Full customization (expert mode)".
  4. Depending on the start mode of the application, define how the groupware will be started:
    • If the application must use the runtime language, in the "General" tab, choose "Automatic start".
    • If the application must prompt the user to select the runtime language, in the "General" tab, select "Manual start"
  5. Validate.
Translating the elements of the User Groupware
By default, the elements (window, pages, messages, ...) found in the user groupware are available in English and in French.
To translate these elements into other languages, all you have to do is translate the different captions, messages, ... of these windows or pages (using WDMSG if necessary, to extract the messages to be translated). WDMSG is an optional tool for WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile used to extract and reintegrate all messages to be translated.
Remark: Don't forget to check out the multilingual strings.
Running the application in the requested language
Two cases may occur:
  • The application is automatically started in the default language. The language can be changed thereafter.
    In this case, the groupware elements will also be run in the default language.
  • The application asks the user to choose the runtime language. In this case, you must:
    1. Ask the user for the language in which the application must be run (via a specific window or page for example).
    2. Configure the runtime language of the application with Nation.
    3. Open the first window or page for managing the User Groupware with gpwOpen.
Example of custom start:
// Initialization code of project
// Open the window for language selection
nLanguage is int = Open(WIN_Select_Language)
// Configure the language for the application
// Start the first window of user groupware
Minimum version required
  • Version 18
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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