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Stored procedures
ConstantDescriptionUsed by the functions
contactEmailThe contacts are filtered on the email addresses.ContactList
contactLastNameThe contacts are filtered on the family names.ContactList
contactFirstNameThe contacts are filtered on the first names.ContactList
contactCompanyThe contacts are filtered on the companies.ContactList
contactPhoneThe contacts are filtered on the phone numbers.ContactList
emailOtherType of email address: other typeEmailAddress variable
emailWorkType of email address: professional email addressEmailAddress variable
emailHomeType of email address: personal email address.EmailAddress variable
emailCellType of email address: email address of phone.EmailAddress variable
emailCustomType of email address: custom email addressEmailAddress variable
evtBirthdayType of Event: birthday/date of birth.Event variable
evtOtherType of Event: other type.Event variable
evtAnniversaryType of Event: anniversary.Event variable
evtCustomType of Event: custom event.Event variable
imAIMProtocol of instant messaging: AOL Instant MessengerInstantMessaging variable
  • Protocol of instant messaging: other type of messaging
  • Type of address: other type
InstantMessaging variable
imWorkType of address: professional address of instant messagingInstantMessaging variable
imHomeType of address: personal address of instant messagingInstantMessaging variable
imGoogleTalkProtocol of instant messaging: Google TalkInstantMessaging variable
imICQProtocol of instant messaging: ICQInstantMessaging variable
imMSNProtocol of instant messaging: Windows Live MessengerInstantMessaging variable
imNetMeetingProtocol of instant messaging: NetMeetingInstantMessaging variable
imCustomType of address: custom addressInstantMessaging variable
imSkypeProtocol of instant messaging: SkypeInstantMessaging variable
imYahooProtocol of instant messaging: YahooInstantMessaging variable
aptIdentifierFilter to use: filters on the identifier of the calendarAppointmentListCalendar
aptNameFilter to use: filters on the name of the calendarAppointmentListCalendar
aptAccountNameFilter to use: filters on the name of the account associated with the calendarAppointmentListCalendar
aptAccountTypeFilter to use: filters on the type of the account associated with the calendarAppointmentListCalendar
sipOtherType of SIP address: other typeSIPAddress variable
sipWorkType of SIP address: professional SIP address.SIPAddress variable
sipHomeType of SIP address: personal SIP address.SIPAddress variable
sipCustomType of SIP address: custom SIP address.SIPAddress variable
phoneOtherType of phone number: other type.Phone variable
phoneWorkType of phone number: professional fixed phonePhone variable
phoneHomeType of phone number: personal fixed phonePhone variable
phoneFaxWorkType of phone number: professional faxPhone variable
phoneFaxHomeType of phone number: personal faxPhone variable
phoneCellWorkType of phone number: professional cell phonePhone variable
phoneCellHomeType of phone number: personal cell phonePhone variable
phoneCustomType of phone number: custom phonePhone variable
phoneCarType of phone number: phone of the carPhone variable
webOtherType of Web address: other type.WebAddress variable
webWorkType of Web address: web address of a professional site.WebAddress variable
webFTPType of Web address: web address of an FTP site.WebAddress variable
webCustomType of Web address: custom web address.WebAddress variable
webPersonalSiteType of Web address: web address of a personal site.WebAddress variable
Minimum version required
  • Version 17
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