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Stored procedures
Speech synthesis management functions
The following functions are used to manage speech synthesis:
SpeechSynthesisInitializeInitializes the parameters of speech synthesis for the current application.
SpeechSynthesisInProgressUsed to find out whether a read operation is in progress on the engine for speech synthesis.
SpeechSynthesisListVoicesReturns the list of voices available on the device for the speech synthesis engine.
SpeechSynthesisReadFileReads the content of the specified file by using the engine for speech synthesis found on the device.
SpeechSynthesisReadTextReads the specified text using the device's text-to-speech engine.
SpeechSynthesisStopStops all the current read operations on the engine for speech synthesis.
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Android Speech Synthesis Android (WINDEV Mobile): Android Speech Synthesis
[ + ] This educational example explains how to manage the recognition and the speech synthesis Android.
The speech synthesis is performed by using either the WLanguage functions, or an external JAR file included in the WINDEV Mobile project.
Minimum version required
  • Version 17
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