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Stored procedures
ConstantDescriptionUsed by the function
ACLineStatusUsed to find out whether the device is plugged in. PowerStatus
atasAuthorizedActivity tracking permission request: The authorization to track the user or the device has been granted.AppleTrackingAuthorizationStatus
atasDeniedActivity tracking permission request: The authorization to track the user or the device has been denied.AppleTrackingAuthorizationStatus
atasNotDeterminedActivity tracking permission request: The user has not yet granted or denied the request.AppleTrackingAuthorizationStatus
atasRestrictedActivity tracking permission request: The device is managed by a "Device Management Profile" which restricts tracking. AppleTrackingAuthorizationStatus
ChargeLevelCharge level of battery. PowerStatus
ChargePercentagePercentage of battery load.PowerStatus
ChargingUsed to find out whether the device battery is charging. PowerStatus
cuiAuthenticatedThe user was identified properly.CheckUserIdentity
cuiAuthenticationFailureThe authentication failed.CheckUserIdentity
cuiAuthenticationUnavailableThe authentication feature is not available or it was disabled by the user.CheckUserIdentity
cuiCustomAuthenticationThe user wants to authenticate by using a password: the application will have to manage this authentication manuallyCheckUserIdentity
lightnessAutoThe screen lightness is automatically adapted according to the lighting conditions.BrightnessModify
network2GType of network: 2G networkMobileNetworkConnectionInfo
network3GType of network: 3G networkMobileNetworkConnectionInfo
network4GType of network: 4G networkMobileNetworkConnectionInfo
network5GType of network: 5G networkMobileNetworkConnectionInfo
networkAirPlaneModeManagement of plane mode.MobileNetworkConnectionInfo
networkConnectedData connection status: ConnectedMobileNetworkStatus
networkConnectionInProgressData connection status: Connection in progressMobileNetworkStatus
networkDisconnectedData connection status: Not connected
Internet connection status: Not connected
MobileNetworkStatus, InternetConnected
networkEdgeType of network: Edge networkMobileNetworkConnectionInfo
networkEthernetInternet connection status: the Internet connection is performed by EthernetInternetConnected
networkGSMSignalIntensity of GSM signal.MobileNetworkConnectionInfo
networkMobileInternet connection status: the Internet connection is performed in mobile mode: egde, 2G, 3G, 4G, ...InternetConnected
networkOperatorName of network operator used.MobileNetworkConnectionInfo
networkRoamingData roaming mode.MobileNetworkConnectionInfo
networkTypeType of network used to access the data on the mobile network.MobileNetworkConnectionInfo
networkUnknownType of network: Unknown networkMobileNetworkConnectionInfo
networkWifiThe Internet connection is performed by Wi-Fi.InternetConnected
notifDefaultPriorityPriority of notification: standard priority (example: receiving an SMS).Notification variable
notifDefaultSoundSound of notifications: Used to play the default sound of notifications. This default sound can change from a device to another one.Notification variable
notifFreeResponseAllows the user to give a free response. notificationAction variable.
notifHighPriorityPriority of notification: high priority (example : receiving an urgent email). Notification variable
notifImageFormatContent of notification to display: Path of image to display.notificationFormat variable
notifInfiniteProgressBarDisplays an infinite progress bar in the notification.Notification variable
notifListFormatContent of notification to display: Elements to display in the list, separated by CR characters (Carriage Return). notificationFormat variable
notifLowPriorityPriority of notification: low priority (example: notification for update).Notification variable
notifMaxPriorityPriority of notification: maximum priority (example: incoming call). Notification variable
notifMinPriorityPriority of notification: minimum priority (example: commercial information).Notification variable
notifNoProgressBarNo progress bar is displayed in the notification.Notification variable
notifPushAlertTypeThe mobile application will accept the push notifications in alert format.NotifPushEnable
notifPushAllNotifThe mobile application will accept all types of push notifications.NotifPushEnable
notifPushBadgeTypeThe mobile application will accept the push notifications in badge format.NotifPushEnable
notifPushSoundTypeThe mobile application will accept the sound push notifications.NotifPushEnable
notifStandardProgressBarDisplays a standard progress bar in the notification.Notification variable
notifTextFormatContent of notification to display: Multiline text to display. notificationFormat variable
npeFirebasePlatform that will be used to send the notification: FirebaseNotifPushSend
npeGCMPlatform that will be used to send the notification: Google Cloud MessagingNotifPushSend
recorderCloseCloses the recorderRecorderAction
recorderPlayOpens the recorder and plays the specified sound fileRecorderAction
recorderRecordOpens the recorder and starts recordingRecorderAction
recorderStopStops the current recordingRecorderAction
stThemeAutomaticVisual theme: The automatic theme defined in the mobile device settings is used.ChangeTheme
stThemeDarkVisual theme: The dark theme is usedChangeTheme,

stThemeLightVisual theme: The light theme is used.ChangeTheme,

stThemeUnknownVisual theme: The theme used is unknown.SysTheme
teComputerType of screen: Computer screen (diagonal greater than 13 inches).ScreenType
tePhoneType of screen: Phone screen (diagonal included between 2 and 7 inches).ScreenType
teTabletType of screen: Tablet screen (diagonal included between 7 and 13 inches).ScreenType
teWatchType of screen: Watch screen (diagonal less than 2 inches).ScreenType
typeServiceIOSReleaseServer of IOS release (APN)NotifPushSend, NotifPushListInvalidIdentifiers
typeServiceIOSTestServer of IOS test (APN)NotifPushSend, NotifPushListInvalidIdentifiers
volumeAlarmVolume of the alarme.VolumePhysicalButton, VolumeModify, VolumeGet
volumeCallVolume of calls.VolumePhysicalButton, VolumeModify, VolumeGet
volumeCurrentCurrent volume of specified source. This volume is included between 0 and the maximum value for the volume of the source.VolumeGet
volumeCurrentPercentageCurrent volume of specified source, expressed in percentage of its maximum value. This volume is included between 0 and 100.VolumeGet
volumeDefaultVolume of default source. This source depends on the phone configurationVolumePhysicalButton, VolumeModify, VolumeGet
volumeMaxMaximum volume of specified source.VolumeGet
volumeMinusDecrements the value of the volume by one level.VolumeModify
volumeMusicVolume used when playing an audio or video file.VolumePhysicalButton, VolumeModify, VolumeGet
volumeNotificationVolume of the sound emitted during a new notification.VolumePhysicalButton, VolumeModify, VolumeGet
volumePlusIncrements the value of volume by one level.VolumeModify
volumeRingVolume of phone ringVolumePhysicalButton, VolumeModify, VolumeGet
volumeSystemVolume of system sounds.VolumePhysicalButton, VolumeModify, VolumeGet
volumeToastTriggers the display of a toast indicating the new value of the volume for the specified sound source.VolumeModify
volumeVibratorIfSilentEnables the vibrator of the device when receiving a notification or a call if the corresponding sound source is silent.VolumeModify
volumeVibratorOffDisables the vibrator of the device when receiving a notification or a call.VolumeModify
volumeVibratorOnEnables the vibrator of the device when receiving a notification or a call.VolumeModify
withCodeExecutionAll WLanguage events related to the theme application are run in the following order:
  1. Event "Application of light/dark theme" of the project.
  2. Optional event "Application of light/dark theme" of the windows.
withoutCodeExecutionNo WLanguage event (project and/or window) linked to the application of the light/dark theme is run. ChangeTheme
Minimum version required
  • Version 17
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