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  • Generating the application
  • Preparing the application for deployment on the App Store
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  • Compilation on Mac
  • Deployment with iTunes Connect
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Stored procedures
Deployment to the App Store is the most common deployment mode.
It is used when the application is intended for the general public. In this mode, installations and updates are fully managed by Apple's App Store.
  • Simple setup for the user.
  • Automatic updates.
  • Application accessible by any user.
  • Apple checks the application automatically and manually prior to publication and may reject or remove an application based on their own criteria.
Caution: The screenshots in this help page are not contractually binding. The operations presented in this help page can be modified at any time by Apple.
All the trademarks mentioned in this document are registered trademarks belonging to their respective owners.
To perform these operations, a Developer and Distributor license is required in Xcode. This help page explains how to get a distributor license.
The steps are as follows:
  1. Generating the application.
  2. Preparing the application for deployment on the App Store.
  3. Deploying on the App Store.
Generating the application
We advise you to read:
Caution: You must:
  • Provide 3 PNG images that will be used as icon for your application. These images must have the following dimensions: 57x57, 72x72 and 114x114.
    Tip: Create a 512x512 image and include this image in your custom image catalog. When generating the application, select this image in the catalog: WINDEV Mobile will build the 3 images to the proper dimensions.
  • Provide 4 images in PNG format that will be used as splash screen, with the following dimensions: 320x480, 640x960, 768x1004 and 1024x748
To generate the application in WINDEV Mobile, click in the quick access buttons.
On the screen below, insert the App Id supplied by Apple:
To find the Bundle, see the following page:
Once connected, click the "Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles" option.
To create the distributor license:
  • Select "Provisioning Profiles".
  • Click "Distribution" then "+".
  • The wizard for creating a new profile starts. Select:
    • the type:
    • the identifier:
    • the certificate:
  • Specify the profile name:
  • The profile is generated and it can be downloaded.
Preparing the application for deployment on the App Store

Necessary images

The following images are required to deploy the application:
  • Application icon in JPG/PNG (RGB) (512x512 or 1204x1024)
  • Screenshot of application for iPhone in JPG/PNG (RGB) 72DPI (960x640, 960x600, 640x960, 640x920, 640x1136, 640x1096, 1136x640, 1136x600)
  • Screenshot of application for iPad in JPG/PNG (RGB) (1024x768, 1024x748, 768x1024, 768x1004, 2048x1536, 2048x1496, 1536x2048 or 1536x2008)
  • If the application is associated with an Apple Watch application, screenshot of application for Apple Watch in JPG/PNG (RGB) (312x390)

iTunes Connect

Before deploying the application, you must connect to Apple iTunes Connect to prepare the application that will be uploaded from Mac.
The different steps are as follows:
  • Connect to the following address:
  • Click "My apps".
  • Add your application via the "New app" button.
  • Fill the requested information:
    • Application name,
    • Application language, ...
  • Click the "Create" button and specify the requested information.
Your application is now recognized by "iTunes Connect".
Deploying on the App Store

Compilation on Mac

To deploy on the App Store:
  • Generate your application in WINDEV Mobile. For more details, see Generating an iOS application.
  • At the end of generation, copy your "YourApplication.xcode.gen" directory onto your MAC.
  • Start Xcode and connect with your Apple account. The necessary files are automatically downloaded.
  • Load your project. Compile your project.
  • When the application is compiled, an archive must be built via "Product .. Archive".

    Remark: If the "Archive" option is grayed out, deselect the specified target device and select "None/Any".
  • The organizer is automatically started on the "Archive" tab.
  • An "Upload to App Store" button is used to send the application to the App Store.

Deployment with iTunes Connect

In iTunes Connect:
  • Create (if necessary) a version of the application. The version number of application must correspond to the version number specified when creating the application generation in WINDEV Mobile (or the version number of WINDEV Mobile must start with the same number).
  • Specify the information regarding the version.
    Remark: Some options are used to manage the publication automatically (or not) once the application is validated.
  • Specify the build to use. You must find the build that was previsously send by Xcode.
    Remark: the process time can be quite long (several minutes).
  • Click the "Submit for validation" button. The application switches to the automatic review step. Depending on your deployment options, you will receive an email during the validation by Apple and the application can be (or will be) deployed.
Minimum version required
  • Version 17
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Last update: 10/26/2023

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