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Stored procedures
Remark: These functions are also available in prefix syntax (Certificate functions (prefix syntax)).
The following functions are used to handle Windows certificates:
CertificateCheckDuplicateChecks the signature of a duplicate.
CertificateCheckFileSignatureBufferChecks the correspondence between a signature and a file. The signature was stored as a Buffer variable.
CertificateCheckFileSignatureFileChecks the correspondence between a signature and a file. The signature was kept as an external file.
CertificateCheckStringChecks the correspondence between a signature and a string.
CertificateExtractExtracts a certificate from a signature buffer or from a print duplicate.
CertificateExtractExtensionValueReturns the value of a certificate extension.
CertificateListReturns the list of certificates available on the computer.
CertificateLoadLoads a certificate from a file or a buffer.
CertificateOpenPropertiesOpens the Windows window used to find out the properties of a certificate.
CertificateSelectOpens a window for selecting the certificates. The listed certificates are the certificates installed in the personal store.
CertificateSignExecutableSigns an executable file with a certificate.
CertificateSignFileCreates the signature of a file. This signature can be stored in a Buffer variable or in a text file.
CertificateSignStringCreates the signature of a character string.
TrustedCertificateAddAdds a certificate to the list of trusted root authorities used to validate certification strings.
TrustedCertificateResetRemoves all the certificates added by TrustedCertificateAdd.
Minimum version required
  • Version 16
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Last update: 06/22/2023

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